Ian and Naomi Hendricks

Co-Creators and Directors of Guru-G 

“Dreaming about new technologies, we love to think of strategy and frame the BIG picture, with a focus on getting the SMALL details right. Having honed our leadership over decades of leading in the Corporate and Church arenas —training, developing, teaching and guiding— we enjoy mentoring leaders and seeing them advance their potential and achieve their dream. We have designed Guru-G Leadership Training Courses with the learner and leader in mind; connecting voices of the best of India’s leaders to the hearts of India's people. It’s a ‘khazaana’ of leadership wisdom, now, on your phone or any digital device! 


“As Creators and Directors, we're delighted to be creating spaces and building platforms for others to shine on.

“We are parents to two beautiful daughters who are now young adults. We love to travel, enjoy coffee and cake, and enjoy our little dog Brizzy who has us wrapped around her little paw.”

Peter Hendricks

Creative Head

Peter is an integral part of the vision and mission of Guru-G, and played a significant role in the conceptualization of Guru-G for India.

“Guru-G is a poetic summary of what I've spent over 45 years honing my skills for, in the fields of journalism and advertising, in Mumbai and Bangalore.

“I consider much of my life's work — from writing music and sports articles for Mumbai's newspapers, penning mass media commercials for India’s most iconic consumer brands that involved food, fashion, IT products and services, to working on massive B2B campaigns, designing complex strategic communication plans for MNCs and national clients — to be the run-up to this opportunity.

“I believe that God is the greatest ‘storier’ (story-maker) of all. He knows how to join all the dots in ways we can never expect, and this GuruG dot may just be the spot where the picture gets clearer than ever!”

Jonathan Lopez

Web Solutions and Design

Jonathan brings a contemporary world perspective to Guru-G's think tank and his generous ‘yes-whatever-is-asked-of-me’ attitude is greatly valued in this space.

"I help with web solutions and, to be honest, anything online. I like making things simple for a good and effective user experience.


“I like to geek out and learn new tools, and, also experiment to discover out of the box solutions that are quite simple and easy. 

“I love Manchester United and reading about tech solutions.”

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Atul Patnigere

Pastoral Liaison Executive

His Mantra: Leadership through Innovation, Knowledge, Excellence & Continuous Change

His Darshan: Changed Life Changes Life.

“With a strong engineering & management background, 30 years of corporate experience in company operations spanning South & Southeast Asia, coupled with a zest to promote God`s Kingdom, I have been serving in God`s vineyard for the last 40 years. As a Pastor, Teacher, Spiritual Coach, Interpreter & Mentor, I've made ‘Life Change’ my life’s goal, both, for myself & others. 

“My association with Guru-G is in line with my mantra as it is a holistic platform to make the Gospel more readily available & accessible to everyone. I love connecting & networking with people, as Guru-G does, to fulfill my darshan.”

Tabitha Dias

Content Curator

“I believe the church must provide a foundation for learning— not just biblical theology but also other practical life skills— and am happy to be working as a content curator with a team that's on a mission to propagate a desire for the same. This role provides me with an opportunity to learn the Word of God, yes, and also skills to cope with the digitally progressing world.

“Academically a dentist, I love creating skilful handiworks and penning prose and poetry; apart from that I'm an admirer of art that's enriching, literature that's valuable and ideas that are creative and sufficiently practical.”

Sagar Rawool

Videography and Production

Sagar deals with the production of audio-visual content for Guru-G, and all that comes under his professional skillset.

“As part of my role in the team, I enjoy listening to the great preachers and the teachers of the Bible from across India.

“I love learning new stuff; I'm currently learning about smart homes, minimalist lifestyles and cooking.”


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Bhoris Dhanjal

Design and Technical

"I'm a college student helping out with the working of Guru-G. I believe the church should act as a safe haven for people in need."

"I deal with uploading and setting up course content for Guru-G on the back end.

In my free time I enjoy playing online chess, music and reading."

Amol Kadam 


“I feel so blessed to be part of team Guru-G. I have witnessed how dedicated Guru-G is in teaching & preparing new and effective leaders. This is a platform where potential leaders will be nurtured for the future to be dynamic leaders. I truly applaud their new, innovative way of teaching leadership skills.”

Priya Ohal

Course Administrator & Social Media

"I'm very glad to serve God and his people through Guru-G. It is a wonderful digital platform which helps believers learn and understand the word of God. I also enjoy learning with Guru-G.

I am the Guru-G course administrator and manage the social media for Guru-G.

I am a commerce graduate, pursuing a Masters."